About GCCD

The Global Citizenship Curriculum Development (GCCD) is a joint initiative of the University of Alberta International and Faculty of Education. GCCD emerged out of the University of Alberta's explicit commitment in 2007 to foster student excellence in the area of global citizenship as stated in President Samarasekera's strategic planning documents.


Our vision is that the U of A is recognized internationally as a leader in the field of global citizenship education. Every University of Alberta student will have access to global citizenship education curricula that reflects excellence in research and teaching. These educational opportunities will result in the development of students who will contribute to building a more democratic, peaceful, environmentally secure and just world

Mission Statement:

GCCD's mission is to facilitate a shared understanding of global citizenship across the University of Alberta's campus.  As a transdisciplinary concept, global citizenship provides the foundation for the development of unique curricula to engage all students in citizenship issues of the 21st century.


Nita Freire (2008 conference keynote) and Nancy Hannemann