Affilated Centres and Offices

Affiliated Centers and Offices

GCCD is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Education's International Office, Center for Global Citizenship Education and Research and the University of Alberta International.

Faculty of Education's International Office

The International Office was established in 2005 to help coordinate and assist international work undertaken within the Faculty of Education and to explore and expand the range of international opportunities available to Education faculty and students.

Center for Global Citizenship Education and Research

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research (CGCER) is a new initiative in the Department of Educational Policy Studies. CGCER focuses on both theoretical and practical works in the areas of citizenship education, human rights education, and education for social justice and social development.

University of Alberta International

The University of Alberta International (UAI) works to support the creation of an internationally vibrant learning and research environment. UAI’s broad suite of services assists students, staff and community in virtually every aspect of international engagement at the U of A. The Global Education Program, for instance, raises awareness locally about global issues affecting our lives: the environment, human rights, peace issues and sustainable development.