In the Fall of 2007, GCCD project began as a joint initiative of the University of Alberta International and Faculty of Education (International Office and Center for Global Citizenship Education and Research) to engage in a collaborative, university-wide dialogue related to the creation of an undergraduate global citizenship curriculum. The initiative emerged out University of Alberta’s explicit commitment to fostering student excellence in the area of global citizenship as stated in President Samarasekera’s Dare to Deliver and Connecting with the World documents, indicating the need for "linking the local and global, the near and the far," connecting "education to active socially responsible citizenship," and the need to develop and "support new academic programs with a global perspective."

First year highlights:

  • Data was collected from three global citizenship education programs: International House, I-Week and Play Around the World. 51 interviews and 5 focus groups were conducted. Research questions focused on how global citizenship and global citizenship education is understood and included in these educational programs.
  • Researchers carried out deliberative dialogues with 15 faculties with over 150 participants.  In these dialogues, participants worked through three understandings of global citizenship education in a values-based discussion to explore the areas of common ground and tensions that are embedded in notions and practices of global citizenship. 
  • An extensive literature review was written based on the research
  • The development of a Working Group and Advisory Committee

During the second year:

  • An international conference was held. Research and practice related to the possibilities and challenges of developing and delivering global citizenship education in post secondary institutions was highlighted.
  • paper outlining the global citizenship education policy was written based on literature and papers presented at the conference
  • Approaches to global citizenship education were identified  

During the third year:

  • In-services focusing on preparing faculty to include global citizenship education were piloted
  • A book based on papers presented at the international conference was completed
  • A joint symposium held with University Teaching Services was held to support faculty in teaching global citizenship education