Global Citizenship Course

Int D 404- Global Citizenship: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives  

**3 credit course that is open to ALL undergraduate students.

Global citizenship moves beyond international awareness and towards developing an understanding and enactment of the rights and responsibilities each person has to contribute to an equitable, sustainable and just world. Int D 404 is an introductory course designed to provide students with the opportunity to work with literature and experts to develop research and thinking skills in these areas.  The course is jointly undertaken by the University of Alberta Global Citizenship Curriculum Development (GCCD) project and the Centre for Global Citizenship Education (CGCER).

Using select theories and case studies, the course will link local and global issues and perspectives. It includes topics such as fundamental human rights (including rights to food and security) and citizenship, social justice, sustainable economic and environmental issues and perspectives, globalization and economic rights, the location of migrants and refugees in global contexts, the place of science in global citizenship, and the possibilities of developing a global ethic of care.

INT D 404 is the required course for the interdisciplinary certificate in Global Citizenship.

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Course Outline

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