Global Citizenship Education Workshops

The following two workshops have been developed out of research and practice in the area of education abroad programming and the need for provoking the ethical questions and implications of university study/work/volunteer programs and students' experiences (Jorgenson, 2009; Pluim & Jorgenson, 2012; Shultz, 2009). We will provide these workshops to any groups of students at the University of Alberta that are planning to study/work/volunteer abroad free of charge. Please contact Ev and Shelane at for any inquiries and to schedule a date for your workshop. 

Workshop 1: Ethics and Implicatedness of Education Abroad

We have developed a workshop to prepare students and get them thinking about the ethical implications of their actions before their education abroad experience. During this 3-4 hour workshop, we will lead students to investigate their own learnings and understandings of some concepts related to global citizenship (ie, globalization, citizenship, difference and equity). Following this discussion, we take students through a conversation about ethics and why talk about ethics as a student going abroad. Next we facilitate a discussion that focuses on issues of power and privilege and provide students an opportunity to begin to develop their own ethical questions before they travel abroad.

Workshop 2: The Ethics of Volunteering Overseas

In this workshop, we specifically look at the phenomena of volunteering abroad and the myriad of embedded ethical implications. First we take students through a facilitated discussion about ethical decisions, global ethics, problems of universalisms and cultural relativity and finally ethical questions that are at stake. Using various hypothetical scenarios, we get students to identify the ethical dilemmas and use the earlier ethical discussions to begin a discussion of what ethical action by the overseas volunteer might look like in that case.