Deliberative Dialogues

Deliberation (or deliberative dialogue) is a social technology that provides opportunities for people to deliberate on key social issues. Through the course of a deliberation, participants work through tough choices to explore the areas of common ground from which alternatives can develop and action can spring. Deliberation is a way of discussing important issues and wrestling with tough choices. It is a way for members of the University community to reason and talk together, and to work through choices about basic directions for our University community with respect to global citizenship. In a deliberation everybody has a say and everybody listens. People explore what others think as well as their own beliefs. They don’t have to come to conclusions. But they do weigh the consequences of various options based on what is truly valuable to them, and to others.

Throughout 2008-2009, we conducted 15 deliberative dialogues with various faculties at the University of Alberta. Using three possible understandings of global citizenship education as a starting point for dialogue, we engaged over 150 participants including students, professors and administrators in a series of deliberations about the nature of global citizenship and what global citizenship education would look like in their respective disciplines.

In A Deliberative Dialogue on Global Citizenship, we give background on the deliberative dialogue process that we used as well as the three approaches to global citizenship utilized in the dialogues. This was the booklet given to each of the participants involved in the dialogues. For more information, please contact us.